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Have you ever spent time with a hot exotic babe? If you haven’t, you will be in for a real treat when you give London escorts a call and ask for me. I am not sure how I am going to start our date, but I think that I might start it off with a tantric massage. That will help you to relax a lot and it will also give me a chance to get to know. It would be so interesting to find out what you enjoy doing. Once I know that, I will have a better clue of what you and I could do once I have closed the door.

One thing is for sure, what you and I enjoy doing when we are together on our London escorts date, will be very exciting. I am not sure what you like to do on your dates when you date what I call regular girls. But I promise you one thing, our dates will certainly be very different. Once you have enjoyed a date with me, there will be no looking back. Sure, it could be tempting to pop down to the pub for a drink with a local girl, but after you and I have enjoyed our first date, I am pretty sure that it will be just a drink you meet your local girls for in the future. When you need some serious looking after, I have this feeling that you will be coming to see me.…


My Erotic Model is Killing Me

I have been dating this girl who works as an erotic model in London. Before she worked as an erotic model, she used to work for a London escorts service of That had me a little bit jealous, and I was not so keen for her to continue. We finally agreed that she would give up her job as a London escort and move in with me. Of course, she wanted to work and I could totally understand that, but I did not want to share my sexy companion with any other gents.

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The day my girlfriend left London escorts, I was as pleased as punch. Finally we could make our relationship a reality and have some sort of normal lifestyle. For the first couple of weeks, things were really great but then my girlfriend started to miss her former lifestyle. I suggested that she find another job in London, and told her to get a job that kept her happy and active. Little did I know that she was going to go back to her old modelling agency, and get her job back as an erotic model.

The fact that my girlfriend wants to work as an erotic model is not a problem for me in itself. The way I look at it, is that she is away from London escorts and that is all what I wanted. The only thing is that the erotic modelling job that she has taken on makes her very horny. She wants to have sex every night and don’t seem to be able to get enough. We have just invested in tons of sex toys but there seems to be no satisfying her at all.

My girlfriend says that it does not have anything to do with the erotic modelling. She says that not working for London escorts anymore is making her really horny and she is missing some of the really exciting girls that she used to know at the agency. As a duo dating girl, she used to go on a lot of dates with her girlfriends, and I supposed that really kept her happy. She personally says that working for a London escort service kept her very much more balanced.

I have this feeling that she really did used to enjoy working for London escorts, and that it kept her balanced. Now she seems to be taken it out on me, I am not sure how much of this I can handle. Sometimes she wants sex as soon as I come home, and I don’t get a change to have an evening meals. On occasion we even end up having sex both in the morning and at night. I am not sure how I should handle the situation. This is getting a little bit too much for me, and I am beginning to feel that my energy and mojo are both slowly being drained away from me. It is like living with a sexual vampire who just cannot get enough of you.…


The tough challenge of being a parent and a London escorts at the same time

A porn star would never allow their children to follow their paths but how do you go about it to stop them from committing the same mistakes you did? If possible you can stay without a child to avoid all the embarrassment she will go through in life, her self-esteem will be lost and obviously nobody can respect them. Being a porn star parent is not the best!

Porn stars make a living from their own world of adult entertainment and just like any other person in the working class they really enjoy and adore their jobs. However, this kind of job comes with many challenges especially if a porn star is a mother. However much the London escorts services of a porn star may be paying, you have to think about those who look up to you as their role models. Are you creating a good impression to your kids? Are you a role model to your daughter? Are you instilling good morals to your daughter? In all honesty, you are not doing either of the above because nothing good comes out of the London escorts services, especially to the girl child.

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It is very hard to control the feelings of a young girl who has broken her virginity and having seen what you as a mother does; she believes there is nothing wrong with it. In fact she thinks there is no other well-paying job than being a porn star. You will of course beat yourself up for being ta horrible mum because you are the only person who has misled your daughter. Your daughter might be thinking that your job is the best in the whole world because the kind of life she is living and has never lacked may force her to try and explore the adult world and have a taste of it. However, it might be hard for her to stop once she gets to taste it and may end up being worse than you. Sex is good and is addictive, once the little girl breaks her virginity she will not try to look back as the adult life is way much enjoyable than the horrible young girls life. How would you feel if your daughter joined the adult world of pornography and London escorts services?

As a porn star parent, it is hard to try and convince her about the dangers and the consequences involved with being a porn star because that is exactly what you have been and still are doing. Kids look up to their parents as their role models and always have dreams of becoming like them. It is not in order for a child to dream of becoming a porn star! Choose a different path and your child will follow you, be able to instill good morals to her mind. What advice can you actually give to your daughter if she came to you for some? You have no morals yourself so there is nothing you can tell her unless you want to enroll her to your kind of business.…


Who stole my pics

I had some time away from Chelsea escorts a couple of months ago. It just felt that I needed a break and I ended up working in Florida. This is one of my favorite places in the entire world and I had a great time. I was not actually sure that I wanted to go back to Chelsea escorts of as I was having such a good time. During the evening I worked in a bar, and during the day I hung out on the beach. It was great and Florida would be my dream place to live.

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After a little while, I got to know some local people. The rent of my flat was pretty low so I did not really need an extra money, but when a local guy offered me a job as a bikini model, I jumped at the chance. Soon I was earning some extra money and hanging out on the beach at the same time. The beaches around Miami are wonderful and they really inspire you to get sexy. This guy shot some really sex pics of me and paid me as well.

At first I did not think that it was such a bad deal, but eventually he asked me to take off more clothes. I told my friends back at Chelsea escorts about it, and they told me to be careful. After all, even when I took more clothes off, my pay rate did not go up at all. It worried me a little and I told the guy that I would not do it anymore unless that he paid me more money. He said that he could not afford to so that was the end of that.

I had not signed a formal contract with this guy, so I asked for my photos back. As far as I was concerned, I was getting paid to be photographed and the guy did now own my photos. He did not agree with me at all, and told me that the photos were his. I got really upset and wanted to do something about it. But as I was not working legally, there was very little that I could do. I decided to change my mind set and think about all of the money I had made instead.

Today, I am back with Chelsea escorts. I am not sure how long I am going to stay here but there are a few things that I need to sort out. The last time I had time off from Chelsea escorts, it was a real spur of the moment thing. This time I am planning to be a lot more organised. Once again, I am going out to Florida. I am going to stay for six months, rent a flat and have some fun. I still don’t know what happened to my photos. It does not worry me as I did not have too much off, but I am not going to get involved with a guy like him again. Another guy would like me to model for him, but this will be different. I will not wear anything less than a bikini or sexy lingerie. I may be blonde but I am not naïve, I know that the guy made a lot of money out of my sexy photos.…


I am in love with my male escort

I often visit London on business and hate to spend time on my own. Over the last few months, I have been seeing this guy called Nick from London escorts. It is not like me to date London escorts but he is such nice guy. Not only is he handsome but he is fun to be with as well. The only problem is that I think that I have fallen in love with him. I don’t have a partner or anything like that, but I don’t know a lot about Nick’s personal life.

Before I met Nick, I had dated a few male escorts. It was so much better to go out and do something fun that to sit in a hotel room. Most of the guys from London escorts were really hot but it was only Nick who really turned me on. When I met him. I felt that we had something in common straight away. As a matter of fact, we could not stop talking and laughing. When we parted company that first night, it was 5 o’clock on the morning.

This time I know that I am not going to be able to resist seeing Nick from London escorts. I know that I shouldn’t really as I always feel that I want to take me home with him. The main problem is not that he works for London escorts, the problem is that I am a few years older than he is. I am not sure how he would feel that about living with a lady who is a little bit older than he is.

I have told my girlfriends back home about him, and they have started to call him my London toy boy. They do not know that he works for London escorts, but I suppose it does not really matter. He is just this attractive guy that I have met to them and I am sure that they would like him. I am sure that a lot of ladies have fallen in love with Nick even though he has a girlfriend from the cheapest London escorts – he truly is one of a kind.

This time when I visit London, I think that I will sit down and have a chat to Nick. I keep on wondering how he would feel about living in Florida. It would certainly mean that he would have to leave London escorts services, but I know that I could offer him a really nice lifestyle in Florida. The only thing is that I may end up treating him like a toy boy and I am not sure that he would appreciate that. He seems to be very independent and not that sort of guy you tell what to do. They are two qualities that I really like about him and I do actually think that our relationship could work. At least it would be kind of exciting to have Nick around but do hope that none of my girlfriends fall in love with him. I want him all to myself.…


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